Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cleaning Ostomy Bags for reuse Again

Due to expenses and also Filipino ingenuity, you can try using this technique to clean ostomy bags.

I make sure that I first have this materials, old toothbrushes, joy ultra and vinegar, zonrox bleach, detergent soap, wooden board.

When I change my two piece appliance, I make sure that I still secure the colostomy bag and not throw it away. I throw away the flange and clean myself. While airing my stoma, I start to work with my ostomy bag especially if it is already sticky. You would know this because it cramples after it has been overused.

Wear gloves if you like. I clean the bag with water, zonrox and detergent soap. At least it is clean now in and out. For the stick part inside, I lay on the wooden board, seal the bag with a clip and put a pinch of joy ultra and vinegar. The joy ultra will remove stickiness and vinegar removes the smell.

I get the tooth brush and start scrubbing the stool that has a rubber like texture. I make sure that not all the amount of liquid overflows.

the old tooth brush will not be reusable again so throw it away.

Hope this primitive lifestyle in our developing country helps not unless we have a donation that will arrive soon ready to be distributed to all indigents.

I will experiment with other cleansing products. I get three weeks from re-using a colostomy bag and then throw it away.

Other suggestions will be a lot of help.

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